Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you licensed and police checked?

We are registered members of NarpsUK – the National Register of Pet Sitters and as such abide by their policies.

It is illegal to offer Home Boarding without a Local Authority Licence. We are licensed with Blaby District Council.

With regards to insurance we hold full public liability insurance (£5 million), along with key cover insurance, with Pet Business Insurance. (Policy Number: PBB0416023)

We are fully police checked. (Disclosure Number: 001522384924)

Evidence of our checks will be displayed in our portfolio which will be shown to you on our first meeting.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Bookings are only guaranteed on receipt of your deposit. If cancelling with less than 48 hours notice the missed service will be charged at the full rate. Cancellations between 48 hours and 14 days will be charged at 50% of the total fee. If cancellation occurs not less than 14 days before then the non-refundable deposit wil be charged. This is to compensate us for lost revenue from turning away other business.

Can I meet you first?

We consider this to be an absolute necessity. We will arrange to meet at either your or our home depending on what service you are interested in for a free initial consultation with you and your pet(s), without obligation. We will explain our service and show you our insurance details and DBS. Then if you wish to take it further, you can complete all the necessary documentation. If you want to use regularly, you will only have to complete paperwork once.

What areas do you cover?

The areas covered for dog walking and home visits are South Leicester, including Clarendon Park, Knighton, Aylestone, Glen Parva, Blaby, Wigston, Countesthorpe and Whetstone.

With regard to Home Boarding we cover all areas of Leicester and Leics as you will bring your dog to us and collect it after your holiday.

Does my dog need to wear a collar and be micro-chipped?

Yes. The Control of Dogs’ Order 1992 requires that dogs wear a collar and identity tag. Dogs boarding with us will wear a Holiday Tag too. Since April 2016 all dogs are required to be micro-chipped. It would be helpful if you knew the microchip number.

Does my dog need to be neutered or spayed?

We cannot accept un-neutered males or females who are due come into season.

Do you take puppies?

We will take puppies aged over the age of 20 weeks.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency we will inform you immediately. Or if we are unable to get in touch with you, we will contact the person you have allocated as an emergency contact. If your pet requires veterinary attention, we will transport it to your allocated vet or the nearest veterinary surgery, depending on the degree of urgency. We are trained in Pet First Aid and carry our first aid box on our person on each dog walk.


During the course of a dog’s stay or walk with us we may with your agreement take photographs of them enjoying themselves. Sometimes it would be nice to use these photos in our promotional literature and website. If you do not wish to give permission for your dog’s photo to be used, please inform us when you book.


How often will you walk my dog?

WE can walk your dog as often as you wish – anything from daily walks to one-off special occasions.

How many dogs do you walk at one time?

We are not happy with walking large groups of dogs, so our dog person ratio is no more than 2:1. This ensures maximum attention for your dog and safety for all. We will walk dogs alongside our own dog.

Do you allow dogs off the lead?

We will generally walk you dog on a lead unless you give us written permission to do otherwise. We would only allow a dog to be off the lead in a safe area away from traffic. We also need to be confident that the dog will return when called.

Will you walk my dog in all weathers?

Yes. Regular exercise is vital for a dog’s health. Our own dog needs to be walked every day so we would expect to do the same for your dog. As keen runners we are used to adverse weather so heat, rain, wind and cold are no problem.

How do I pay?

Payment is weekly/fortnightly/monthly. We accept cash, BACs or cheques.


Does my dog need to be vet registered?

Absolutely. We will record your vet’s details and ask you to leave an emergency contact number in case there is a medical emergency while you are away. We will need to see vaccination certificates including kennel cough before we can accept your dog into our home.  Your dog should be up to date with worming and flea treatment.

What vaccination documentation do I need?

In order to safeguard all of our guests’ health we insist that every dog has been vaccinated against hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis, parovirus and kennel cough. Your dog’s regular vaccinations will have safeguarded against all of the above except kennel cough. Kennel cough, whilst rarely fatal, is highly contagious, and we insist that dogs are vaccinated at least one week prior to arrival.

No dog will be allowed to stay unless we have either the original or a copy of the vaccination certificate. It is a requirement in law that we retain these on the premises throughout the time that your dog is our guest.

Do you take all breeds?

No.  We reserve the right not to accept certain breeds of dogs.  Our service is only suitable for friendly, obedient family pets. We are happy to accommodate puppies as long as they are house trained.

We do not accept incontinent dogs, dogs that chew furniture or other household items. If your dog causes any damage to our home whatsoever, any costs must be reimbursed. We do not accept boisterous strong dogs.

We will meet your dog before we board it and providing we feel comfortable there won’t be a problem.

Is there a minimum stay?

In school holidays and between December 23rd and January 2nd there is a minimum stay of 5 days.

Is pick up and drop off included?

No, you will need to bring and collect your own dog to our house in Glen Parva.

What areas do you cover?

As you will be bringing your dog to us all area of Leicester and Leics are covered.

What are the sleeping arrangements for our dog?

Your dog will need to bring it’s own bed. It can sleep alongside our own dog or in a room of it’s own. We do not allow dogs to sleep upstairs.

What else do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your dog’s usual food, food dish, collar and lead and any toys.

What happens if my dog bites a human?

Should your dog’s behaviour become uncontrollable, destructive or unreasonable, he/she will be placed in a dog-boarding kennel until your return and that this will be subject to a transfer charge. You will be charged the costs of the boarding kennel. In addition, you will have to agree to pay the cost of any damage caused by your dog to the carer’s home. Furthermore, when booking you confirmed your dog is non-aggressive. Should it show aggressive tendencies towards the carer he/she will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return.

How often will you walk my dog?

We can walk your dog as much or as little as you like. We walk our own dog twice to three times a day so we can accommodate most reasonable requests.

How do I pay?

A deposit of 25% is required on booking and the balance is payable either before or when you drop off your pet. We accept cash, BACs or cheques.


What do you do on a pet visit?

We offer a holiday cat care service so your cat doesn’t have to go to a cattery whilst you are away for a holiday or short break. We will call either once or twice a day to check on the well-being of your cat(s), clean litter trays, provide food and water and offer cuddles and play. During these visits we can also include watering plants, putting out bins and moving the post.

Are my house and keys safe?

The security of your home is of paramount importance and our business depends on it. We are DBS checked and you will be shown this document at our meeting. At our initial meeting we will practise locking up your property with you and agree key collection with you. Whilst in our care your keys are always kept locked in a key safe. There is no personal information kept with the keys, they are coded for our information only and can never be traced to your address.

How do you protect my personal details?

Your personal details will be kept securely on a database on our computer. Both the computer and the database are password protected.

How do I pay?

Payment is weekly/fortnightly/monthly. We accept cash, BACs or cheques.